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Creative Services

Our creative department has over 35 years of professional graphic design and photography experience. We can assist you in developing, creating, and implementing a number of essential marketing materials. Whether you need a logo for your business or product, promotional materials, or even a website, we can help. We also produce high quality photography for weddings & events, models & actors, businesses & products, and much more! Special services include DVD & Blu-ray development as well as assisting with special screenings and film festivals for filmmakers!

DVD & Blu-Ray Development

Our Multimedia Producers have a strong background in developing DVDs & Blu-Rays for major Hollywood films as well as smaller independent productions. We've segued that experience into assisting our clients build their own DVD & Blu-Ray projects. We develop and design all the menus, as well as program and render the discs. We'll even locate and work with a manufacturer on your behalf. Contact Us for full details.


Commercial DVD & Blu-Ray Development

• Corporate Videos
• Branding Videos
• Infomercials & Product Videos


Entertainment DVD & Blu-Ray Development
• Feature Length Films (45min+)
• Short Films (-45min)
• Festival submissions

We as filmmakers have submitted to numerous film festivals: regional, national, and international. Let us help you navigate the requirements and assist you in developing the materials needed once your project has been accepted. We also work with a number of regional theaters in renting out space for special screenings and events. 


Film Festival Assistance

• Locating & Submitting
• Collaterial Materials Development
• Film Rendering & Compression

• DVD/Blu-Ray or Harddrive Submission


Special Screenings
Theater Location
• Crew Organization
• Attendence Organization

• Promotional Materials

Festivals & Special Screenings

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