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Pre-Production & Development

Not only do we shoot, we also write and produce! Our Multimedia Producers have decades of experience developing and planning projects. Whether you're looking to develop a commercial, a web video, or a feature length film, our team can help you bring it into production!


Planning & Development

• Project Consultation
• Concept Breakdown & Realization


• Script Writing & Development
• Storyboarding
• Budgeting

• Casting
• Crew Aquisition

• Equipment Aquisition

Our specialists have worked on numerous types of productions, including coporate videos, web series', short & feature length films, as well as commercials and music videos. Let our wealth of knowledge help you create the perfect project.


Commercial Projects

• Corporate Videos
• Branding Videos
• Commercials & Web Videos
• Infomercials

• Demonstrations & Conferences
• Events


Entertainment Projects
• Feature Length Films (45min+)
• Short Films (-45min)
• Music Videos

• Documentaries
• Animations

Production & Videography

Along with countless years of experience planning and shooting projects, our team is highly skilled in post production as well. We offer everything from editing to visual effects to closed captioning. We also team with some of the best local talent in motion graphics & animation as needed.



• Video Editing
• Motion Graphics
• Title & Credits Sequences
• Rendering & Compression
• DVD & Blu-ray Development


Special Services (click here)
Original Music Composition
• Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)

• Foley & Sound Effects
• Visual Effects & Animation

• Closed Captioning
• Video Stabilizaton

Post-Production & Finishing

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