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Our Current Film Projects


Written & Directed by Chad Halfacre
Produced by Galen Marten
Starring: Deanna Sherman, Kinsley Funari, Pakob Jarernpone, &

Curtis Helm

Coming in 2016

Currently in Post-production

"Hocking Hills"
Directed by Galen Marten
Written by Galen Marten & Chad Halfacre
Starring: Deanna Sherman, Andrew Knode, Jason Klingsmith, Mike Tuchek, Martin Carlton, &

Mary Lou Jambor

Coming in 2017

Accepted into

3 film festivals!

"Ms. Parker"
Directed by Galen Marten
Written by Vincent Rooney & Galen Marten
Starring: Mary Lou Jambor, Giorgiana Lascu,

Helena Marten

Produced by Wolfgang Productions, 2015

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