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Motion Graphics & Animation

Our team works with a number of highly skilled, reliable creatives in numerous disciplines including motion graphics and animation. If your project requires more than we can do inhouse we have more than a few outside resources ready to be called upon. Subject to availability.


Motion Graphics
• Opening & Credit Title Sequences
• Lower Thirds & Pop-ups
• Animated Logos



• Commercials
• Animated Short Films

• Animated Feature Length Films
• Music Videos
• Web Videos

Motion Graphic web video developed to

promote a creative agency's website.

Custom Music & Sound Effects

Not only are we filmmakers but musicians as well! Our team includes professional musicians who can assist you in creating original songs, scores, and sound effects for your project.


Custom Music

• Original Songs
• Original Scores
• Complete Soundtracks
• Background Music
• Recording & Mixing


Sound Effects
• Custom Foley Design
• Expansive Sound Effects Library*

*in development

Visual Effects & Chromakey

Our Multimedia Producers can assist you in developing visual effects ranging from simple to the complex. Using the latest software and camera techniques we can help your production achieve that Hollywood VFX feel at a minimal effort and cost. Subject to Availability.


Visual Effects
• Green Screen & Chromakey

• Light & Particle Effects
• Gun Shots & Muzzle Flashes

• Atmospheric Effects

• much more

This short was shot entirely on a Canon 6D. We color graded and created numerous effects, such as the security camera footage and the stalker's perspective through dirty goggles.

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